What makes Black hair unique?

Welcome to our 5 part blog series on growing kids natural hair.

This isn’t your average blog post on the topic, oh no, in this series we are going to dive DEEP So you can gain a COMPLETE understanding of your kids natural hair and how to grow it to it’s full potential.

By the end of this series YOU will be empowered and have the knowledge required to get the best out of your child’s hair, no matter its present condition, its type or texture.

So let’s go…

Firstly yes, it’s true. I am a little bit obsessed with children’s natural hair.

Ok, more than a little bit, lets say totally completely obsessed with it!

It all started 3 years ago when I had my daughter Bae (and yes that is her real name! It means inspiration in Korean and it was waaaaaaay before the whole ‘bae’ thing anyway!) Read below if you don’t believe me!

TRENGTH – The reality is, your child’s hair is likely weak. I remember when I was young thinking that my hair was strong, but I was dead wrong. In adulthood its obvious just how delicate my fine strands are, they can snap easily.

To minimize breakage make sure you: –

  • Use great care when handling your child’s hair, be gentle. No roughness or heavy handedness.
  • Don’t use fine teeth combs or brushes on your child’s hair, it’s likely that these will add undue pressure and will break the hair.
  • Do use quality wide tooth combs on the hair instead

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