Summer care with First Class Products.

If you have textured tresses, your battle with frizz is a daily challenge, and one that is rarely victorious. Wavy, curly and coily girls alike dream for the day of perfectly frizz free hair. Here’s your chance to get rid of frizz in just seven days! Put it to the test-give your curls the 7 day challenge. Let us know your results in the comments!

Day 1: Out with the old!

Dump all of your alcohol laden stylers, sulfate based shampoos, and silicone filled serums and change to First Class Products.

Day 2: Whip that hair!

Book an appointment to get a much needed hair trim. Make sure the stylist you select is experienced with caring for textured hair. Damaged, sparse, straggly ends are not only unattractive, but they also add to the frizz factor.

Day 3: Heat things up!

Frizz happens when dry, porous hair sucks up excess moisture in the air. Give yourself a First Class Product treatment.

Day 4: Seal in moisture and protect

Wavy, curly and coily textures alike should seal in moisture, with natural oils, regularly.  The act of “sealing” your hair locks in moisture and prevents breakage and dryness. After you cleanse and condition your hair, rinse and reapply another thin layer of conditioner. Detangle and blot dry . Before styling, apply a layer of your First Class Products natural oil.

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