A day at the beach can leave you feeling relaxed and refreshed. But if you’re not careful, it can also leave you with damaged strands. So how do you care for your hair after swimming in the ocean or going for a stroll on the windy shore?

So to prevent damage and breakage to your hair, experts stress the importance of treating your hair immediately after a day of sun, wind, and sea exposure. Of course, how you would protect your hair outside will also play a role in its health. But worrying on vacation is never fun.

So your hair health won’t be a concern during your next beach getaway, here are five expert tips for keeping your strands hydrated and happy after facing the elements:

  1. 1. Treat First – When you jump in the shower after a day at the beach, don’t reach for the shampoo first. Nope, we recommend treating your hair with some First Class Products first. Whether that means using an oil or simply moisturizing before shampooing, giving your hair a shot of nourishment will protect against stripping more moisture away when you shampoo and ultimately, breakage.
  1. Use a natural shampoo- Ready to shampoo? To make sure you aren’t using a formula that’s too harsh, a natural shampoo is the key to gently taming your hair.
  1. Don’t forget a leave-in – Something we all agree is a must for your hair after a day at the beach is a deep conditioning treatment and/or leave-in hair food.
  1. Wait to comb
  2. 5. Air-Dry – After cleaning, conditioning, and detangling, try to let your hair air-dry if you can. As you’re probably aware, blow-drying and heat-styling can further damage your hair.