Hair Care Tricks

Poor length retention can lead to hair that never seems to grow and if you have you ever wondered if your child’s hair is actually growing or worry that it is growing super slowly its likely this is a problem for you.

Short hair syndrome occurs as a result of hair breaking as fast as it grows, and this occurs in hair that is dry, damaged and brittle and afro hair is highly prone to it.

The key to overcoming it of course is to raise health levels in the hair so it doesn’t break, and therefore length can be realised.

As a child, I recall constantly seeing broken hairs after combing, washing or blow-drying. I thought this was normal, as many people do, because it happens almost every time they style or manage their hair. Some even see it as part of the territory of having Black hair. But the actual truth is, it’s not normal, nor is it tolerable. If your child’s hair is breaking you should address it immediately don’t wait for it to go away on its own! Be proactive here.

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